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    Why Talking “Kid” Never Works

    Jun 28, 2017 by Nancy Friedman 0 comments

    Learning a new language is difficult. If you’re trying to master talking “kid,” don’t. Have you ever tried talking “kid” to a kid and gotten that frown and eye roll of disgust and disbelief in response? You just know what they’re thinking. “Really? Really? You sound ridiculous talking to me like that. So fake. Stop it.” The result of you attempting to talk “kid” is that the kids tune out. If you have a brand with a great kids’ product, be it a toy, tech, entertainment, or books, you want kids to know all about it. You don’t want to talk down to them. You realize that you need to talk to kids on their level, in their language. How is that best done? Gen Z doesn’t care about your work experience. They don’t care if you have an MBA. They don’t care if you have the finest advertising or public relations agency diligently working on your creative and have spent days and nights selecting the perfect talent and toiling over every word and scene of your carefully crafted spot. What they do care about is the product and who is promoting it. Is it something they would love? Says […]READ MORE

    The Real Deal: Why User Generated Content Works

    Jun 21, 2017 by Rebecca Levey 0 comments

    UGC offers consumers the story they want to hear. User Generated Content (UGC for short) works because consumers are more active and influential marketing and advertising participants than ever before. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and other social media venues, influencers go out of their way to become connected to products and services that they consider worthy of praise and patronage. It is common knowledge that humans—adults and kids—have an innate desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. Researchers have determined there are four components to making people feel part of a viable community: Membership: satisfies the human need to belong, gather knowledge, and understand one’s self through social comparison, social identity, and achieve goals that would not be attainable working solo. Influence: trust and connection are the cornerstones of influence. Therefore, it’s really the next step up from membership. Once a person is a credible and integrated part of a group, it is only natural for them to seek to use these qualities to guide, direct, and impact other group members. Fulfillment: every group has requirements and desires. Fulfilling these needs and wants becomes the mission and objective of the influencer. Shared Emotional Bond: when the […]READ MORE

    The Dos and Don’ts of Working with Bloggers

    Jun 14, 2017 by Rebecca Levey 0 comments

    Making your brand a fit and a hit. Chances are, if you are working with bloggers, you’re winging it. Reality is, most brands, big and small, are in the same wing-it boat. Blogs are still a relatively new way to get the word out about even the best products and services. That said, the blogger market is as crowded as it is varied. There are Mom Bloggers, Style Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers, Food Bloggers, Tech Bloggers…and some bloggers who fit into the all of the above categories. Bloggers are a tricky bunch to pin down. Some will work for freebies. Many, especially the ones with more influence, won’t even consider exchanging their services for goods. Some will post on a notable site for the exposure. Some won’t write a word without payment in full. Some don’t post on blog sites at all – they’re influencers, not bloggers. Instead they impact audiences via social media, on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. So what’s the best way to work with bloggers? Here’s a short list of dos and don’ts for brands working with bloggers and influencers; these rules work for both. Pay the fee: If you insist on paying through PayPal, then […]READ MORE

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